About Us

Causal Nexus is a technology company based in South Africa that builds next generation payment products. The company has extensive experience in the banking, payments processing and retail industries, and its founders were among the first to pioneer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) systems in South Africa.



Andre Hauptfleisch - CEO

André Hauptfleisch


Carel Steenekamp - CIO

Carel Steenekamp

CIO – BSc, BAdmin

Niels Hansen - CTO

Niels Hansen


André, Carel and Niels founded Causal Nexus in 2012 with the vision of fundamentally changing the manner in which payment systems are built and operated. Having spent decades building transactional systems, the founders noticed three recurring problems. First, it took months, if not years to architect and develop robust systems. Second, once a system was operational, the necessary monitoring tools were often lacking. Third, ensuring compliance is a tedious process. Our NEXUS SWITCH addresses the first problem as it provides a framework with pre-built modules, so transactional systems can be built in days rather than months. NEXUS DASHBOARD is a flexible monitoring application that analyses transactional network traffic, thereby giving you a precise view of system performance and accuracy.