Causal Nexus is a technology company based in South Africa that builds next generation payment products. The company has extensive experience in the banking, payments processing and retail industries, and its founders were among the first to pioneer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) systems in South Africa.

Our goal is to help companies maximize the return on their transactional systems by extending the lifetime of their existing infrastructure and to reduce the total spend thereby maximizing overall profitability.

Causal Nexus developed three products to achieve this goal. Core is a workflow framework, which makes it easy to integrate emerging payment technologies, such as mobile payments, into existing infrastructure. All Causal Nexus products are built on the Core framework. Canvas is an Operational Intelligence Dashboard, which helps companies maximize uptime and terminal (POS and ATM) utilization. Sentinel is a surveillance package designed to monitor user behaviour on key production systems.  Sentinel reduces system security risks and criminal behaviour. The package ensures compliance with PCI DSS Section 10.


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What does it do?    Core is a framework one use to create a payment workflow. It allows retailers, payment processors and banks to rapidly build and integrate new payment systems into existing infrastructure.

Why is it different?    Core is the first service bus geared specifically towards transactional payment systems. It offers native support for payment specific protocols, such as ISO 8583 and ISO 20022.

What about the bottom line?    Core increases your ROI as it extends the lifetime of your existing payment infrastructure, while helping your organization remain agile in the ever-changing world of payments. It also reduces the total spend to develop new systems and decreases the time-to-market.



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What does it do?    Canvas is a dashboard created specifically for payment system operators. It gives real-time feedback on the health of your core transactional systems as well as terminal networks such as ATM and POS.

Why is it different?    Canvas monitors the health of your entire payments infrastructure, which includes financial switches, databases, network, operating systems, hardware, ATMs, POSs, etc. The best thing about Canvas is it is all web-based. So you can keep you finger on the pulse even when you are out on the road.

What about the bottom line?    Uptime is money. With Canvas, operators will spot problems before they result in downtime. If things do go wrong, operators will be able to troubleshoot more effectively and reduce downtime.



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What does it do?      Sentinel is a surveillance package designed to monitor user behaviour on key production systems. The package also ensures compliance with PCI DSS Section 10.

Why is it different?      Sentinel has two differentiators. First, all user activity is logged to a remote system, which makes it difficult for attackers to erase their steps. Second, Sentinel goes beyond the base auditing requirements and logs other activities such as file access, screen captures, clipboards, and keystrokes. This enables investigators to recreate the exact steps taken by attackers.

What about the bottom line?    Surveillance systems are a well-known deterrent of industrial espionage, system exploitation and other forms of cyber-criminal activities. Sentinel enables business leaders to guard the guardians of their organization’s critical systems.