Technology should be an instrument supporting the business strategy, rather than introducing constraints to growth. Causal Nexus helps companies determine the technological capabilities required to achieve their business goals. By considering the business strategy first, Causal Nexus is able to recommend a range of solutions from business process optimization through to technology architecture design.

With decades of experience in banking, retail and software development, Causal Nexus is well positioned to help companies with their information technology and payments challenges.


In addition to developing technology strategies, Causal Nexus also supports teams in executing their plans. Navigating the technology landscape can be difficult, but given our 30 years’ experience in the industry, we can lighten the load and help guard against pitfalls.

Causal Nexus already has many of the building blocks required to get companies out of the gate quicker. We use both the state-of-the-art open technologies as well as novel proprietary components. By shortening the time horizon of technology projects, companies are able to realize a return on their investment sooner.

ACI Postilion and Base-24 Integration

Causal Nexus has a long track record of developing innovative solutions and integrating them into ACI transactional products such as Postilion and Base-24. We can help your company remain agile by rapidly integrating with your existing systems and infrastructure to rapidly bring new products and ideas online in a cost-effective manner.

We have done various integrations projects, from mPos implementations through to Instant Bank Card Issuance solutions.

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