Causal Nexus brings all your real-time data together in an easy to use on-line dashboard.
Unlock your data to gain insights into the functioning and performance of your financial switches, point-of-sale (POS) devices, or third-party providers.┬áCausal Nexus’ novel non-invasive technology will help you better manage your systems at a significantly reduced cost.

Causal Nexus has over 30-years EFT experience in the retail, payment processing, and banking industry.

Causal Nexus Analytics
We do more than monitoring!

We are also system integration experts. Our service bus can integrate your organization with:

New and existing internal systems, such as SAP, Microsoft BizTalk, or IBM WebSphere within your organization.
External service providers, such as the cloud-based Amazon Kinesis, Apache Hadoop, and Splunk.